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Youtube and Disco party

Interactive show program

Any of the parties from LikeLike company is an atmosphere of fun and unforgettable impressions from incendiary music, a rich interactive program and cool presenters. You can choose the theme of the party yourself, we will take care of your cool mood and all the details necessary to create it.
What options do we offer:
Disco party
Do you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real club right on your holiday? Then order a disco party soon! You will definitely like the dance and entertainment program for the most active and cool guys, because it will be filled with trending dances, popular tracks and the funniest challenges.
Our stylish animator-MC will come to your event in any city of Belarus and bring with him professional sound and lighting equipment to create a noisy movement. Plus, you will have a TV or a projector, to which we can connect to supplement the disco party program with interactive contests and tasks with a screen (in the absence of such an opportunity, the presenter will come with his laptop and adjust to the situation on the spot).
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 6 years
Cost: from 120r.

Youtube party
The modern generation can no longer imagine their life without videos on the Internet. And for such children, a YouTube party is perfect!
LikeLike company has prepared the coolest scenario for you, and it will be implemented by a professional presenter and blogger – no one will be bored at the Youtube party, because it includes a lot of interesting
things• * interactive for the best video greeting for the birthday boy;
* Selfach (the best selfie with the birthday girl);
* flash mobs (2-3);
* Dummy challenge;
* Bottle Challenge;
* Masks of The Star of The Show;
* the "Feel what's inside" box;
* challenge "Crying on techno";
* the "I'll Talk Soon" challenge;
* challenge "Repeat the mannequin pose";
* interactive "Collect likes";
and many more "delicious" activities!
Program duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 8 years
Cost: 140 rubles.

We also have a Tik-Tok party and a Challenge party - choose the perfect format for yourself and order a cool program in the LikeLike children's party studio!

How does it looks in reality?