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Wheel Syrah

Interactive show program

Syrah wheel Fascinating show with an acrobat in a rotating luminous ring The Syrah Wheel is one of the most spectacular numbers in the list of our programs! The performance, unique for Belarus, lasts 5 minutes. During this time, you will take your breath away from the most difficult acrobatic stunts with a huge luminous wheel. A variety of spectacular elements performed inside the metal ring will replace each other under atmospheric musical accompaniment and lighting effects. Despite the apparent simplicity, the number is quite complex and very dynamic due to the high speed of rotation and a wide variety of tricks, and both adults and children will be delighted with it! A Syrah wheel show will require a hard, non-slip floor surface and a relatively large area for the artist to perform. Do you want an exclusive performance with a departure right on your holiday? Call LikeLike and order a show with the Syrah wheel right now! Program duration: 5 minutes + photo session with the artist. Cost: 280 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?