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Presenter (animator) for a children's holiday

Доп. услуги

Leading to a children's party
All children love holidays, because they fill their lives with bright colors, joy and fun. And children are very fond of surprises. And, perhaps, the best surprise that you can give your child will be the invitation of the presenter to a children's party.
Of course, it is not so easy to find a suitable performer for this important mission, because only a true professional will be able to maintain the interest of guests throughout the event, find a way out of any situations and give positive emotions to the children and their parents. In addition, an animator for a children's holiday should have a great sense of humor, acting talent and a kind heart.
LikeLike company offers the services of experienced presenters for a birthday or other event for children – this is a great opportunity to make a holiday for your child and his guests really cool! A children's animator will come to you with an interactive show program, the details of which can be agreed in advance, and will hold interesting games, dances and contests. His costume will depend on your wishes: it can be an image of a popular animation character or a movie, a clown outfit that will show a real circus performance, or a classic image of a children's presenter.
To amuse and entice all the participants, even the smallest and most shy ones, is certainly a very difficult task, but we will definitely cope with it, because we have done it many times. We will be happy to give unforgettable impressions to your children as well!
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Cost: from 100 rubles.

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