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Tik-tok party

Interactive show program

Tik-tok party
Are your children aware of all modern trends and perfectly understand the meaning of the words "likes", "challenge" and "HYIP"? Then they will definitely like the Tik-tok party!
To hold it, you will need a TV or a projector with the ability to connect for interactive contests and tasks with a screen (in their absence, the presenter will come with his laptop and adjust to the situation on the spot), as well as the desire to pump his Tik-tok skills.
One of the coolest presenters of the LikeLike company will come to teach, amuse and delight the guys! Are you ready for a mega breakaway?
Tik-tok party participants are waiting for:
* original acquaintance;
* dance Tick-tok warm-up;
* challenge "Guess the dance song from Tik-Tok";
* challenge "Dance the ticktockers";
* hashtag challenge;
* "Dance or Freeze" challenge;
* selfie battle;
* challenge "Repeat photo"
and many more "delicious" activities!
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 7 years
Cost: from 120r.

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How does it looks in reality?