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Tesla Show

Interactive show program

Tesla Show

The grandiose electric lightning and light show is one of the most exciting and shocking programs of our laboratory! A thunderstorm controlled by a man and electricity obeying him are all elements of a large-scale performance that will reveal to you the secrets of the inventions of the legendary Nikola Tesla, the world-famous inventor.

Young viewers will see huge coils generating a fountain of dancing lightning and mesmerizing electrical discharges! They will also see glowing inert gases, the "explosion of the airship" and other phenomena of electricity. And the bravest children at the festival will even catch lightning with their own hands (don't worry, it's absolutely safe)!

The Tesla show is the most electrified program of the LikeLike studio. It will easily become a decoration for any event for children: from birthday to graduation. And for an electric show, you will only need a darkened room (a living room, a cafe, an assembly hall, etc.) and access to a 220 V outlet.

An animator in the image of a brilliant scientist will show the audience how to control electricity, thunderstorms and lightning. You will see how lamps that are not connected to the mains are lit, and paper and sparklers ignite without the help of matches or lighters. And in the interactive block, anyone can take part in the Teslo show. We guarantee complete safety and an unforgettable experience!

Program duration: 35 minutes.

Recommended age: from 6 years

Cost: 220r.

How does it looks in reality?