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An ordinary guy who has received incredible abilities is ready to go on a new adventure with your children
Is there anything more fun for a child than a holiday, to which his idol comes with congratulations and gifts? We are sure that many guys, especially fans of superhero themes, will experience a real delight from the appearance at their Birthday Party of an animator in a Spiderman costume – a brave and dexterous young man capable of defeating the strongest opponents!
And if your pet has long dreamed of meeting his beloved hero and helping him in the next rescue of the planet from villains, the LikeLike children's animator in a team with a presenter and DJ will come to any city in Belarus and give incredible emotions to the birthday boy and his guests!
Our super-important Spider-Man will become an example for children in his best qualities, will dedicate them to real superheroes and invite them to participate in exciting adventures and mini-quests. And a nice addition to the interactive program will be a spectacular show of Soap bubbles.
Spider-Man at a children's party is:
* bright congratulations from your favorite hero;
* an exciting show program;
* original costumes and props;
* superhero aquagrim for kids;
* musical accompaniment with an individual on the sound;
* Soap Bubble Show (additional service);
* giving a gift and taking out a cake.
We arrive an hour before the start of the program, bring with us high-quality musical equipment, microphones and a bubble machine, set up a stage (photo zone) and prepare everything necessary for the best children's holiday.
Duration of the program: 1.5-2 hours.
Recommended age: 3 - 10 years.
Cost: from 90 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?