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Slime Party (Premium!)

Interactive show program

Slime Party (Premium!)

All children know what slime is, but we’ll explain it especially for adults: it’s a jelly-like slime toy that can be crushed, stretched, inflated, thrown against a wall or floor, while it leaves no marks, and you can make it your own hands.

A slime party can be the brightest event of this summer for your child, because we know very well how to create an unforgettable holiday from popular children's fun!

How is the slime party going?

Our interactive program consists of the following items:

1) Acquaintance of the leader with the participants of the party.

2) A fun warm-up flash mob.

3) The first task, for the completion of which participants receive the main ingredient for slimes.

4) Interactive game "The floor is lava", for which children will receive the 2nd ingredient.

5) Interactive game "On the cold floor" - the key to the 3rd ingredient.

6) Music contest "Guess the track in reverse." For each melody guessed, the children will receive the 4th ingredient.

7) Preparation of slimes from the collected ingredients.

8) Decorating slimes with sparkles and choosing names for slimes.

9) Competition to inflate the largest slime with the help of tubes.

The program ends with the solemn removal of the cake, its friendly eating and a joint photo session.

Why you should order a slime party at LikeLike

Slime party is a very popular version of a children's party, which is in trend right now. Participants will become real slimers and make big, viscous, bright and fragrant slimes with their own hands.

We will bring directly to your celebration all the necessary ingredients for the coolest slime party. They are completely safe for the skin and do not leave marks when they get on clothes and furniture.

The program is designed for 8-12 people. It is conducted by an animator in the form of a professor or a hero of your choice.

Program duration: 90 minutes

Recommended age: from 3 years old.

Program cost: 200 rubles. for up to 12 participants.

How does it looks in reality?