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Santa Claus

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santa claus
A fairy-tale character with a bag of gifts will fulfill your child's most cherished wishes
The New Year is a time of miracles and pleasant surprises. All children expect the approach of December 31 with special trepidation, because they hope that the good Santa Claus will congratulate them on their favorite holiday and fulfill their wish.
Your child's dreams will come true if you order an animator in a Santa Claus costume at home in the LikeLike company. The atmosphere of magic will enter your home together with a fairy-tale character in a traditional white and red outfit with a long beard and a staff. The brightest emotions, laughter and delight of all children are guaranteed!
Animators with extensive experience will easily find a common language with the kids, invite them to games and dances and give gifts. Children will believe in the magic of their favorite holiday with renewed vigor, and adults will look with emotion at their joy and sincere smiles!
No real New Year is complete without Santa Claus, so if you want to give your children the perfect holiday, be sure to take advantage of our offer! We can congratulate the kids at your home, kindergarten, school or any other place.
Congratulations to Santa Claus from the studio of children's holidays LikeLike includes:
* getting to know the kids;
* congratulations in the original form;
* christmas songs and round dance;
* fun surprise games;
* the opportunity to please Santa Claus with a song, dance or poem and the presentation of a gift prepared by parents;
* photo shoot with Santa Claus;
Greeting duration: 15-60 minutes.

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