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A large hollow toy, inside which you can hide sweets, small gifts, streamers and confetti, is becoming increasingly popular in our country. Pinata came to Minsk from Mexico, and its prototype was glowing Chinese lanterns that organically fit into the color of bright Mexican life.
Today, a festive pinata is made of papier-mache, cardboard, paper or fabric, so that it simultaneously serves as a decoration of the space and a fun entertainment for children and their parents.
You can order a pinata in the studio of LikeLike children's parties: the birthday boy and his guests will become participants in a wonderful mini-show filled with a colorful performance with the participation of the hero of the occasion, as well as funny surprises.
Since we make pinata with our own hands, its shape, size and colors can be any, depending on your wishes and budget, for example, in the form of a ball or a star, a certain number, a funny animal or a popular character. The pinata can be painted only in one color or have a bright multicolored look that attracts the attention of children and brings a lot of positive emotions.
To make it convenient to break a pinata (and they do it, as a rule, with a stick with their eyes closed), it must be large enough (within reasonable limits, of course). Although to reduce the risk of injury, it is possible to make a pinata according to another principle: alternatively, many ropes hang from its lower part, one of which, if pulled, releases the sweet filling. The guys take turns pulling the strings one by one until someone finds the right one.
Order a pinata in the LikeLike company, and the children's animator will come with her to your event and give the guys a fun entertainment, a great mood and a lot of bright impressions and pleasant surprises!
Program duration: from 10 minutes.
Recommended age: from 5 years
Cost: from 30p.

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