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Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime

The undisputed leader of the Autobots, who is loved for the combination of power, wisdom and kindness

If you know who transformers are, then most likely you've heard of Optimus Prime. And your child, for sure, just wants to get to know him personally. You can give him this opportunity if you order an animator in the image of Optimus Prime in the LikeLike company.

The leader of the Autobots in the role of the main character at a children's party is more than just a growth doll: it is an indescribable delight and positive emotions of all the children who will attend the event. The animator-transformer will make an unforgettable impression with its huge size, original costume, lighting effects and a real robot voice.

Optimus Prime will lead a team of brave heroes who will leave no chance to the treacherous Megatron and save the Earth from the invasion of evil Decepticons. Do you want to arrange a galactic surprise for your young fighter against evil? Call the LikeLike company and order the services of a children's animator, presenter and DJ.

A favorite hero at a children's party is:

congratulations from your favorite character;
interactive show program;
children's aquagrim;
unique costumes and props;
musical accompaniment with an individual on the sound;
Soap Bubble Show (additional service);
giving a gift and taking out a cake.
We arrive an hour before the start of the program, bring with us high-quality musical equipment, microphones and a bubble machine, set up a stage (photo zone) and prepare everything necessary for the best children's holiday.

Duration of the program: from 15 minutes (express congratulations) to 1.5-2 hours.

Recommended age: 5 - 12 years.

Cost: from 120r

How does it looks in reality?