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Science Show

Interactive show program

Science Show
Ordering an exciting Science show for a children's holiday is a great idea for any event, because children love miracles that happen right before their eyes!
Developed by the LikeLike studio team, the professor's exclusive spectacular Show includes a series of entertaining, interesting and spectacular experiments, after participating in which all the guys will immediately become interested in chemistry, physics and other natural sciences. All materials used in the Science Show are absolutely harmless, and all reactions and experiments are 100% safe for the audience.
The entourage and scientific atmosphere of the show are created by the animator's professorial costume, as well as the use of various laboratory props. Jars, cones, colored solutions, dry ice attract and fascinate young researchers who are always eager to see firsthand how real scientists conduct their experiments! At all children's holidays in Minsk, the Scientific show is the highlight of the program and causes a storm of emotions and admiration among the children.
The program of the show is based on simple, but the most effective chemical reactions. We use dry ice, a wide range of reagents, food dyes and other ingredients.
Among the "experiments" of our professor:
* preparation of dry ice and experiments with it: "Misty Mountain", "Crazy soda", "Air shower", "Explosive smoke", etc.;
• Bunsen flask and experiments with it: "Gin from a bottle", "Lemonade steam", etc.
• * launch of magic pearls;
* "Greetings from Santa Claus";
• "Toothpaste for an elephant";
* "The magic pot
and many other experiences.
The scientific show from the studio of children's holidays LikeLike compares favorably with similar programs of other organizers by three very important factors:
1) a wide variety of experiments, many of which children can see only on our show;
2. high density of experiences during the show;
3) the possibility of children to participate directly in some experiments.
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 6 years
Cost: from 170 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?