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Monkey Capuchin

Interactive show program

An exciting show with a circus monkey will surprise and delight all guests at your holiday Capuchins are one of the smartest and cutest animals on our planet. These monkeys are easy to train, so they often act as artists in circus numbers around the world. In addition, they are kind, funny and friendly creatures, which helps them to quickly establish contact with viewers of any age. Our capuchin monkey named Kurma will be happy to come to your holiday and demonstrate his skills. She is able to delight both adults and children with her unique tricks, because she can: - play ball with spectators; - walk on a mirror ball; - play with the audience in "patricks"; - do somersaults and the most incredible somersaults; - play the guitar and musical cymbals. In addition, our circus monkey loves to pose and take pictures with children. Call the LikeLike studio and we will bring a unique show right to your holiday! Program duration: 25 minutes. The cost of the show with a circus monkey and a host: 400 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?