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Mimes for the holiday

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Memes for the holiday Sparkling interactive, impromptu and miniatures, unique charm and charm will fill your event Ordering mimes for a children's party, anniversary, wedding or corporate party is a great idea that will cheer up all the participants of the event. These artists conduct a dialogue with the public without using a voice - only with the help of plasticity of their bodies, facial expressions and gestures. Memes-animators of the Likelike studio successfully perform at celebrations of any format and scale! We meet and entertain the guests of the event, brightening up their expectations, accompanying the buffet part, acting as waiters, and during the animation program we accompany the host. During the banquet part, we interact with the participants, create a relaxed atmosphere and also help the host. If the program includes musical breaks, we dance energetically with all the guests. Neither adults nor children are left without the attention of mimes at the holiday. Kids, by the way, adore mimes, play and dance with them with pleasure, and also take pictures with mimes frozen in various poses. Even the most serious participants of the event will be covered with a wave of joy and laughter, because the performance of mimes will become a bright decoration of the whole holiday. Our artists are distinguished by stylish costumes, make-up and entourage, as well as unsurpassed plasticity and charm. Call, order, and we will make your holiday unforgettable!

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