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Mickey Mouse

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Mickey Mouse
A cheerful mouse that children fall in love with at first sight
As soon as Mickey appears at your party, he will immediately become the center of attraction for all children, spreading his friendliness to every child. A full-length doll for a birthday in a Mickey Mouse costume will bring joy and smiles to the birthday boy and his guests, because this charming mouse is so funny! He can't spend a minute without the company of friends and fun adventures. And Mickey also loves to give gifts that children like so much.
It is possible to invite our animator to a children's holiday in Minsk and other cities of Belarus for the youngest participants. Mickey never loses his cool, even when not everything goes according to plan. Because of his curiosity and simplicity, he often gets into a mess, but he always deftly gets out of comical situations, making even the most important guests laugh.
You can make sure of this if you order a life-size Mickey doll for a children's holiday. The original costume of a cute mouse, a thoughtful script and acting skills will help create a wonderful mood and pleasant memories that you can keep for many years.
Our animators at your event are:
* bright congratulations from your favorite character;
* interactive show program;
* unique costumes and props;
* high-quality aquagrim for children;
* musical accompaniment with an individual on the sound;
* Soap Bubble Show (additional service);
* taking out the cake and presenting a birthday present.
We arrive an hour before the start of the program, bring with us high-quality musical equipment, microphones and a bubble machine, set up a stage (photo zone) and prepare everything necessary for the best children's holiday.
Duration of the program: from 15 minutes (express congratulations) to 1.5-2 hours.
Recommended age: 3 - 10 years.
Cost: from 90 rubles.

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