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Leon Brawl Stars

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Leon from Brawl Stars
A young warrior in a chameleon costume at a children's party is a hot novelty of 2021!
Brawl Stars is not only the name of a game that many guys love: this is a whole universe with its own laws, colorful locations and bright, unusual characters, among which Leon is one of the most popular heroes. And how great it is that on your Birthday your child and his friends will be able to immerse themselves in their favorite game without the help of gadgets, because LikeLike children's animators will bring it with them right to the holiday!
The appearance of a boy in short blue pants and a green bike with a huge hood does not seem scary until he shows his deadly weapon in action – sharp blades that make him a thunderstorm of all enemies. At the same time, Leon's costume, in which our animator can come to Minsk or any other city in Belarus, completely repeats the image of the game character.
A unique animation program based on the Brawl Stars universe is an excellent solution for a children's holiday and the most anticipated novelty of the year, already available for order from LikeLike! Contests and mini-quests with a reward for the winners, as well as a colorful show of Soap Bubbles will appeal to both children and their parents, and bright photos will not allow memories to be erased from memory even after many years!
The presenter in the image of Leon at a children's party is:
* unforgettable congratulations from your favorite hero;
* interactive show program;
* detailed costumes and props;
* colorful aquagrim for children;
* musical accompaniment with an individual on the sound;
* Soap Bubble Show (additional service);
* giving a gift and taking out a cake.
We arrive an hour before the start of the program, bring with us high-quality musical equipment, microphones and a bubble machine, set up a stage (photo zone) and prepare everything necessary for the best children's holiday.
Duration of the program: 1.5-2 hours.
Recommended age: 5 - 12 years.
Cost: from 90 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?