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Foil, paper and spaghetti show

Interactive show program

Foil Show
Everyone loves to have fun, so both adults and children will be delighted with the unusually bright and active entertainment called the Foil Show. The silver disco has become an absolute hit of recent years, because when it starts, no one can sit still: incendiary music and kilometers of sliced foil will not let any participant of the holiday get bored.
Just imagine these enchanting shiny ribbons flying around, painted in different colors by the rays of the flooding lamps! You can dance right in the foil, sprinkle friends with it, bury your head and do a lot more fun, because the real, the coolest Foil show in Belarus from LikeLike company will come to you!
Half an hour of pure joy awaits you: we guarantee a wow effect, a sea of positive and vivid photos and the most incredible emotions, as well as complete safety and hypoallergenic foil. And a huge column, light fills, lasers, a light lamp, a smoke machine, and a glowing ball will help create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.
You can also order a Paper show, which is perfect for celebrating a birthday or any other significant event. The main difference is the use of paper instead of foil, although, in our opinion, foil confetti has more advantages: it does not dust, has less weight and therefore swirls in the air for a long time and creates a wonderful background for photographs - cool selfies are provided!
We can also offer to order a spaghetti show – we will deliver thousands of long pasta to your holiday, with which you can fight, throw and just have fun. Under the multicolored lighting effects and neon lamps, the show looks very impressive, and at its end there will be no traces and debris left.
To order a foil show, paper or pasta show in any city of Belarus, just call the LikeLike company and we will bring you to your event:
* enchanting entertainment for children and adults;
* high-quality musical accompaniment;
* kilometers of silver (paper) serpentine or 1000 spaghetti;
* professional equipment (sound, light, laser);
* smoke machine for full immersion.
Program duration: from 25 minutes.
Recommended age: no age restrictions.
Cost: foil show - 160r., paper show - 120r., spaghetti show - 100r.

How does it looks in reality?