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foam show

Interactive show program

A foam party
Do you want to celebrate the occasion in a way that has never been done before? Then a foam party is a great idea that will make your event extraordinary, bright and memorable. Wow effect guaranteed!
Incendiary music, a sea of ​​dances, smiles and unforgettable emotions in the streams of snow-white, warm, airy foam - we will help you to hold the most incredible disco in your life! Stop celebrating the holidays just sitting at the table with friends - it's time to have fun for real!
How is the foam party going?
We will bring directly to your event all the necessary equipment and foam concentrate, which is based on food glycerin. It is completely safe for skin and clothing, and does not harm if it gets into the eyes (you can even eat it;)
We have a foam waterfall and 2 types of foam cannons in our arsenal, which, using a special generator, will provide an endless stream of pleasantly warm foam throughout the party. In a short period of time, our foam generator produces enough of it so that everyone can dive into fluffy foam, throw it up and build foam castles. Everyone will be delighted!
Foam party - there will be enough emotions for everyone
Foam party is the best summer entertainment. The kids just love it! They frolic with great pleasure in the foam and dive headlong into it, throwing its flakes, jumping and dancing, squealing with joy. Do you want to make a children's holiday really cool and bright? Order a foam show in Minsk with LikeLike!
Large clouds of foam overhead and its streams in the form of a huge white waterfall will not leave adults indifferent. Do you want to experience new sensations, get a lot of positive emotions and dance in swimsuits in soft warm foam to your favorite tracks? Then order a foam disco and turn on the music louder - the gap will be fantastic!
Foam show is now available to everyone
Do you have a holiday coming up? We have a unique offer just for you! Until recently, in order to get to the foam disco, you had to go to one of the entertainment centers. Today you can order a personal foam party right in your backyard!
If you are not afraid of new bright sensations and want to make your event special, we will turn your desires into reality. A foam party can come to you for a corporate party, birthday, anniversary, bachelor party, bachelorette party - there are no restrictions, everything is decided only by your desire! We guarantee a sea of ​​cool photos, unforgettable impressions and a real explosion of emotions!
Ready for a mega break? Then call LikeLike soon!
Party duration: 30 to 60 minutes.

How does it looks in reality?