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Cartoon Characters

The fairy princess will need the help of all the children at the festival to tame her magical gift
The main character of the animation "The Snow Queen– is an amazing character in her beauty and depth of the inner world. The appearance of an animator in the image of Elsa at a children's party will fill the event with real magic. As easily as she manages a blizzard and a blizzard, the princess will spin all the guys in a beautiful dance and invite them on an exciting journey to the kingdom of Arendelle.
But so that the wonderful ability to create ice and snow does not harm anyone, Elsa will ask the birthday boy and his guests to help her melt her frozen heart with her sincere kindness and friendship. However, it is important not to overdo it, so that Elsa's faithful companion, Olaf the snowman, does not melt away from hot emotions, which, by the way, can also be invited in a costume of a life–size doll for a birthday.
Animators and leading studios of LikeLike children's parties will arrive an hour before the program, bring with them an exciting scenario, high-quality musical equipment, microphones and a bubble machine, set up a stage (photo zone) and prepare everything necessary for the best gift to the hero of the occasion:
* heartfelt congratulations from your favorite heroes;
* an exciting show program;
* unique costumes and props;
* fabulous aquagrim for children;
* musical accompaniment with an individual on the sound;
* Soap Bubble Show (additional service);
* giving a gift and taking out a cake.
Duration of the program: 1.5-2 hours.
Recommended age: 3 - 10 years.
Cost: from 90 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?