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Congratulations Premium

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Congratulations Premium
The coolest interactive entertainment and game program for a bright children's holiday. The birthday boy and his guests will meet with their favorite characters and will be delighted with incendiary dances, fun games, exciting contests and surprises. We will offer an exclusive turnkey birthday scenario, in which we can also include the embodiment of your idea. You choose two or three of your child's most favorite characters, as well as an additional show (Soap Bubbles or Foil Show), which is included in the price!
Our team will arrive an hour before the start of the program, install a stage-photo zone and musical equipment and prepare everything necessary for the unforgettable "Congratulations Premium" program, which includes:
* the host greets the guests, meets the children and entertains them before the start of the program;
* the presenter uses a professional microphone;
* a separate person on the sound in the image of a Marshmallow DJ;
* solemn challenge of the selected character (2 or 3 animators in costumes of favorite characters or life-size dolls);
* bright birthday greeting;
* incendiary dance flash mob for children;
* an exciting magician-illusionist show;
* exciting games, contests and mini-quests;
* Bubble show or Foil show (your choice);
* Soap bubbles, bonus: Bubble Machine (free!);
* solemn cake taking out with special music;
* giving gifts to each child;
* congratulations to parents;
* photo shoot with your favorite hero.
Duration of the program: 3 - 3.5 hours!
6 reasons to order a children's holiday in the LikeLike company:
* the best animators and presenters with extensive experience working with children;
* high-quality sound, costumes and props;
* individual approach in the preparation and conduct of each event, taking into account the age, gender and interests of the child, as well as the wishes of parents;
* affordable prices and flexible discount system;
* a huge variety of popular characters and program scenarios for every taste, age, and budget;
* pleasant surprises and special offers for regular customers.
We organize the best children's holidays in Belarus!

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