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Chemical Show

Interactive show program

Chemical Show
A unique chemical show for children and adults is an exclusive product of LikeLike company. The latest scientific and educational program, which will be held at your event by an animator in the image of a real professor, invariably causes sincere delight among viewers of any age.
A show with liquid nitrogen can be the highlight of your celebration if you order it for a birthday, graduation, wedding or corporate party. You can not only watch the bright interactive program: you will become a direct participant in it!
The spectacular nitrogen show is based on the unique property of this element: at a temperature of minus 200 ° C, nitrogen becomes liquid. The Dewar vessel helps him to stay in this state, in which we will bring liquid nitrogen to your holiday. We work directly with its manufacturer, so our chemical show is absolutely safe, and all reactions are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements for handling chemicals.
So, if you want to surprise the hero of the occasion and all the guests of the event, then a Show with liquid nitrogen is your ideal choice! Bunsen's flask, frozen objects, multicolored reactions, pouring liquid nitrogen on the hand, cryofrozen, fire on the hand – all these experiments will not leave any viewer indifferent. A lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!
The program of the chemical show also includes:
* introduction to liquid nitrogen;
* inflating the balloon with nitrogen;
* freezing of the inflatable ball;
* freezing of rose and banana;
* inflating chemical bags at speed;
* giant hydrogen explosion;
* volcanic cocktail
and many other experiences.
In addition, each child will receive a sweet present: a corn ice stick!
The nitrogen show from the LikeLike children's holiday studio compares favorably with similar programs of other organizers by three very important factors:
1) a wide variety of experiments, many of which children can see only on our show;
2) high density of experiences during the show;
3) the possibility of children to participate directly in some experiments.
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 6 years
Cost: 230r.

How does it looks in reality?