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Challenge Party

Interactive show program

Challenge Party
The upcoming holiday may come faster than you think, so it's time to think about entertainment for a super cool party. One of the cool options is a Challenge party from LikeLike.
The scenario of our interactive program consists of various popular challenges, thanks to which the guys will have a unique opportunity to do something that they have most likely never done before. Some tasks will be fun, and some will be creative, but all participants will pass the challenges and everyone will be satisfied!
The most stylish and trending presenter will take care of the bright and driving mood of the guests, and professional lighting and sound equipment will help create a cool atmosphere.
Players are waiting for the following coolest challenges (for items marked TV, a TV with an entrance is required, in its absence, our host will come with his laptop and adjust to the situation on the spot)
• * "Truth, dance or action";
• "7 seconds";
* "Emoji" (TV);
• "Aduvan";
• "Don't laugh";
• "Don't tear your pants";
* "Music Critic" (TV);
* "Pie in the face";
* "Toilet paper" (if there is a table, a popular challenge from TIK-TOK);
* "I got the hint";
and many more "delicious" activities!
Program duration: from 60 minutes.
Recommended age: from 8 years
Cost: from 130r.

We also have a Disco party, YouTube and Tick-tok parties - choose the perfect format for yourself and order a cool program in the LikeLike children's party studio!

How does it looks in reality?