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Cotton candy, popcorn and candy bar

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Cotton candy, popcorn and candy bar for your holiday
A colorfully designed trolley of popular sweets is the perfect addition to any event.
Cotton candy is a favorite treat for children and adults. The snow-white "magic fluff" pleases everyone who tries it with a soft melting texture, sweet taste and affordable price. A bright tray with cotton candy will bring a lot of positive for any holiday, no matter where it takes place: outdoors or indoors. You can order cotton candy for an exhibition or promotion, for a birthday or graduation party, or as an addition to any of our shows.
The standard order quantity is 100 servings.

Popcorn is not inferior to cotton candy in popularity. This delicacy is ideal not only for joint movie screenings, but also for any other events, because not only children, but also adults love it, and the appetizing appearance and attractive aroma of popcorn makes you want to try it as soon as possible. A brightly and stylishly decorated tray with sweet obedience will cheer up the guests of the holiday and will pleasantly complement its menu. Positive emotions are guaranteed!
The standard order quantity is 100 servings.

Candy bar is a fashion trend in the event industry and an unusual way to decorate a holiday. An exquisite sweet table will look organically both at a children's event and at a celebration for adults.
A professional confectioner is working on filling our candy bar, who will prepare the most delicious desserts for you: sweets, cakes, marmalades, marshmallows and themed sweets (for example, in your company's corporate colors). To order from you, you only need a separate area at the holiday and a desire to please your guests.
Call LikeLike and we will make your holiday unforgettable!

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