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Biker Show

Interactive show program

Biker Show

An original author's interactive circus show from LikeLike studio with bright tricks and balance on a monocycle. A unique program for our country!

A professional circus artist, a super-charismatic eccentric clown, a true master of the original genre, who has extensive experience working at circus venues and various events in the near and far abroad, will perform in front of you.

In the repertoire of our artist: clowning, comic juggling, balancing on a monocycle, comic tricks, original animation, the image of Santa Claus, conducting interactive numbers, children's programs of different duration with eccentrics, games, tricks and gifts. He can demonstrate any of these skills at your request at one of your events!

And the program of our unrealistically cool Laugh-biker show includes:

an original acquaintance with the guests and the hero of the occasion with a trip on a monocycle;
biker-musical congratulations from the artist;
rock tricks from a Cheerful biker + a gift to the hero of the occasion from the artist;
the most energetic and fun contest in the style of "rock" for all participants;
juggling with horn keys;
a master class on riding a monocycle from a Cheerful biker (for everyone);
musical interactive "The best guitarist";
perky game "Hot Key";
energetic musical interactive "Rock show band";
rock disco for the hero of the occasion and all the guests;
taking out a rock-bike-themed cake;
the original rock bike finale (everyone participates!).
In total, the program includes more than 20 interesting and original music tracks and light and sound effects in excellent quality! You will definitely like it, we guarantee!

Program duration: 60 minutes.

Cost: 220 rubles.

How does it looks in reality?